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No Boundaries - Mile test

Tonight was the first night of the 5k training group.  We did a group warmup and then a mile test.  I told myself I was going to walk the whole thing, absolutely no running.  I’m really scared of how my back will react to running and I wasn’t wanting to take any chances.  But you put a start line in front of me and say 3, 2, 1 go…well, I just can’t stop myself.  You can’t really call it a run…more of a shuffle.  AND I really only ran on the flat stretches because my back did NOT like the uphills and I figured I should severely limit the downhills as well.

It wasn’t my slowest and it definitely wasn’t my fastest.  16:44.  But it’s a starting point.  (I just checked my running from the beginning of the year and that pace was around 17:18, so….even though I haven’t really been able to workout in over 1.5 months, I’m faster?) I was glad I at least attempted shuffling.  Now, I must stretch and ice, stretch and ice…and stretch and ice some more.

I’ve missed that post-workout high.  That, I just did something awesome and I earned that sweat and that shower feeling.  And it feels GOOD.

Tonight is the first night of the No Boundaries 5k group.

I’m a little nervous. We are doing a mile test tonight…the mile doesn’t make me nervous because I will complete it. But my back is whys worrying me…I’m afraid I’ll push it too far and have a setback. I will jut have to be smart about it.

I also got sick at work today and had to leave early. So here’s hoping I make it through today.

Also, I got a friend from work to sign up for the group too! Yay!

I paint like a 5 year old. But I had fun.

I paint like a 5 year old. But I had fun.

Hit up fan fest uptown Friday night. My fiend was in town and I finally got to see my friend, Chris, a fellow ex-Richmonder living in Charlotte now. So it was a perfect excuse to get some panther gear, see the stadium upgrades and watch the team. Saturday, we hit up restaurant week at one of my favorites, Fiamma. And it didn’t disappoint. And even checked out a new restaurant place.

It was a great weekend with an old friend and LOTS of laughs! Now I’m waiting at a painting class, that I’m taking by myself. So this should be interesting.

I did it

I went to the information meeting.  People were really nice and a lot of people from their first group (that did their race 2 weeks ago) returned for another round.  The lady who owns the store seems really nice, as does the other coach and mentors. 

I’m not super excited about one thing…they don’t leave anyone to run or walk on their own.  It’s nice, in theory, but I hate feeling like I’m holding people up and I hate being the last person…I’m always the last person to finish running WOD’s at crossfit so I was hoping to not have to deal with that here.  But I guess, as a friend says, finding comfort in the uncomfortable.  

If nothing else, it’s accountability.  Although, I was just expecting it to be the 2 group runs…but there’s “homework”.  It’s probably for the best.

Moral of the story - do what scares you.

There’s a new running store in town and they are very big on community interaction. They started a 12 week running program to get people into their first 5k’s.

They meet twice a week and frankly, I need the accountability of meeting up with people. Granted, when we start, I will only be walking since I’m still recovering with my back issues. Tonight is one of the informational meetings. I’m excited to see what they have to say.

Thank you costco. Tonight’s dinner and lunch for the week is done. 

Stuffed peppers and green beans almondine.

Thank you costco. Tonight’s dinner and lunch for the week is done.

Stuffed peppers and green beans almondine.

My (wish I could call it triumphant) return to crossfit

I went to my box for open gym time today.

It wasn’t much, a lot of rolling and mobility, Then a few rounds of squats, push ups, and just hanging from a bar. And then a 500m row on a 1 damper.

Things got loose. My back is sore…primarily from the row, I think. But I have to start somewhere and I’m not cleared to do any bar work. So, this was better than nothing. And I have to start building back up.

A great night of baseball with friends! And what a gorgeous night, with dare I even say a chill in the air at night.

So many laughs. So many memories.

TOP night!