In a Southerly direction


This is a case for bullet points. Shall we?

•this weekend started off with no plans and ended up pretty fun.
•went to the firing range with a coworker and shot a bunch to see what I like
•had mini freakout that I’m not responsible enough for this. Really. I’m just clumsy.
•last minute plans for dinner and to see ‘this is where I leave you’ (it’s fantastic. Go see it. Trust me)
•shopping with my mom. And helping her to find stuff she likes
•we finally won a football game again
•walks with friends
•last minute invitations
•talking everyday with someone you feel like you’re helping to pull out of their funk makes you appreciate things
•talking everyday with someone you have to remind yourself you are ONLY friends with and that’s all it will ever be. Kinda hard. Kinda sucks
•friends are always good to have. In many different areas.

•tomorrow is my last day of crossfit membership. I haven’t been to a class since I hurt my back. And my back isn’t in a place to handle the strength cycle they just started. •I have mixed emotions about this. I’m pissed because I’ve never known a box not to put memberships on hold due to injury and then the owner had the nerve to say if I paid in full for another 6 months, he’d add 2 months additional on for my injury. Ummmm yeah and what happens when I get injured again or still can’t use it? No thank you. •LOVE the trainers. HATE the owner. •there are plenty of boxes around, but have to find one at a decent price, with good trainers an not stupid far/have to cross the city. No thank you. Traffic much?

Two miles with a good friend that made me laugh so hard….well, we’ll just leave it at that.

Tomorrow is the first official day of fall and I’m loving the weather already.

While my back is healing, I’ve been frustrated by my lack of ability to do crossfit, especially now that they FINALLY started the strength cycle I’ve wanted to do. But not going to crossfit frees up many more evenings and leads to days like Friday.

At lunch, some coworkers and I went to the firing range. We are going to test for our CWP and needed some practice. It was a lot of fun and I got to fire a few I hasn’t done before.

That evening, I battles traffic to get across the city and made it to my friend’s house before we set off about an hour north to a vineyard. We stomped grapes, enjoyed a wine tasting and the live band, along with the amazing weather.

The second to last picture is definitely me saying, this is gross! I want out! I don’t want to do this anymore!!!!

I was exhausted at the end of the day, but it was a very full, very fun day. And I love that I could enjoy the completely different sides of my likes/personality/enjoyment.

You know when exercise is the most fun?

When it is also social.

I went for a 45 minute walk with my friend tonight and it was great to catch up!

Went to my chiropractor and masseuse this morning. The masseuse worked on my back, definitely found some spots an even had enough time to work on my legs! And she found my IT band and oh the pain. She said there were knots all up my leg (which weren’t toooooo painful but at the knee was TERRIBLE! At the hip didn’t feel too well either but no where near as bad as the knee. Better to work it out now than wait for it to get worse. And she told the chiropractor today was the first time she felt like she could apply more pressure, since I hurt my back.

I’ll take any good news!

Hit up the apartment gym tonight. 30 minutes on the elliptical and some stationary weights. It’s better than nothing.

I did take pictures, but they were on the elliptical and blurry is an understatement of all the photos I took.

Now to prep some food for tomorrow so I can start my week off right :)

The quote rolling around in my head this morning was “when you fail to prepare/plan, you prepare/plan to fail” because it is SO true. And hit home this morning when I didn’t have time to prepare my breakfast, when I know we are having hibachi for lunch.

I think next week’s goal should be to prepare my lunch and breakfast the night before.

Weigh in Wednesday


I wasn’t super amazing with my food choice this week, so I will gladly take it.

Sep 9

I had forgotten how sore you get from running. My friend that ran with me, pushed me to not slow down so much when walking and I think that has made the difference because, my goodness, I am sore. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been this sore and especially so quickly after the workout.

Tomorrow should be interesting….

Sep 9
2.68 miles done. :)

2.68 miles done. :)